I suffer from any other medical condition?
It is very important to discuss any existing medical conditions with your surgeon and anaesthetist before undergoing surgery. Conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes and other chronic disorders, do not prevent you from having surgery, but need to be well controlled before the operation. If you have had a recent cold or sinus problem, you should also discuss this with Chris, as it may be better to delay the surgery until these have fully cleared up. This helps to minimise postoperative complications such as wound infections and chest infections.

If you have been referred, your family doctor should include a list of your current medical problems and your medications in his/her referral letter. Certain blood thinning drugs such as aspirin and warfarin will need to be stopped before surgery, to prevent excessive bleeding. In the case of warfarin a suitable alternative should be found. If you are taking this drug for only a few months, it would be advisable to wait until you are no longer taking it.

Chris and the anaesthetist will discuss the relative risks of surgery in relation to your medical condition with you before surgery is carried out.

I still smoke?
You should refrain from smoking before undergoing your surgery, ideally for a period of 2 weeks or more. Patients who smoke are more likely to have bleeding problems during surgery, and also develop postoperative problems such as chest and wound infections.

I am pregnant?
Unless strongly indicated, surgery would be extremely inadvisable and potentially dangerous to both mother and baby. Non-urgent surgery should be postponed until after the birth of your baby.

I am elderly?
There is no absolute upper age limit with most types of surgery. However, as you get older you may suffer from medical problems and these must be sorted out before your operation. Please inform Chris of any health problems and any medications you are taking.