• Smoking: Ideally, you should stop smoking 2 weeks before surgery. You can discuss this with Chris.
  • Medications: You must discuss all medications with Chris and the anaesthetist. You should continue all your regular medications unless specifically advised not to. Such drugs that will need to be stopped include those that thin the blood (for example aspirin and warfarin). If you stop any medication also consult your family doctor first.
  • Childcare: Think about childcare (if applicable), with particular reference to your mobility afterwards.
  • Life events: Avoid undertaking major surgery when life is too complex, or immediately prior to a life event, such as a wedding.
  • Post bariatric surgery: With surgery after massive weight loss, a stable weight that you are happy with is essential to achieve good results that last.
  • General health: There is little preparation that you need to make before the surgery. Ensure that you do not have a cold or upper airway problem. If you think that you may be developing a cold please inform your Chris immediately.