After surgery care is as an important factor as the surgeon or the surgery itself and following your Chris’ instructions accurately can make a big difference to the result. You will be given full written instructions on how to care for your wound after your surgery, bathing, compression garments and physical activity. You will also be provided with details of possible complications together with a list of contact details in the unlikely event of a problem.

In the first days following major surgery – as Chris will discuss with you – you should ensure a friend or family member is available to care for you after you have been discharged. Follow up appointments are necessary to check your wound is healing properly, change dressings and remove stitches. At these appointments, Chris will advise you about returning to work, physical activity and driving as well as options for follow on care and screening if that is felt necessary..

Unless there are special circumstances, Chris will write to your GP summarising the treatment that you have received.