An initial appointment is the opportunity for you and Chris to meet in person. This appointment lasts for 40 minutes and during this time Chris will ask you about your medical concerns/requirements, your general health and any predisposing factors that might affect the treatment options available to you. This of course, is also an opportunity for you to ask Chris any questions or concerns you have.

You should also expect a brief examination of the relevant body area/s. For any facial assessment, we request that all make-up is removed prior the consultation to enable to accurately assess the skin pigmentation, texture and quality.

After this appointment, a plan will be constructed that best suits your medical and logistical requirements. This will always be devised with safety the priority. An assessment by a consultant anaesthetist is occasionally necessary. It can usually be decided how best to control your current medical situation to reduce the risks around the surgical date. If a decision cannot be made, more information from your other specialist doctors will be sought, with your permission and/or an anaesthetic assessment organised.

If you feel comfortable having minor treatments in the clinic on that day (such as a steroid injection or BOTOX) and Chris feels that it is appropriate, then this can be arranged.

Most commonly, following the initial appointment, a ‘cooling off’ period of time is left in order for you to reflect on the options available and make a decision. If you do decide to proceed with the surgery a second, complimentary, appointment is offered, but this can occur by telephone if more convenient.