Initial appointment for insured patients
Chris’s team works seamlessly with all the insurance companies. With your ‘pre-authorisation code’, a new appointment can be booked through our website or one of the team. The appointment is a 40 minute opportunity to cover a patient’s medical background and surgical requirements. Occasionally procedures can be performed additionally, with your insurance’s prior agreement.

Initial appointment for self pay patients
An initial consultation fee of is taken prior to the initial consultation appointment for new patients. This is a 40 minute appointment covering a patient’s medical background and surgery requirements. Most commonly, for self-pay consultations and following the initial appointment, a ‘cooling off’ period of time is left in order for you to reflect on the options available and make a decision. If you do decide to proceed with the surgery, a second appointment should be made if any further questions need answering in person. For insured patients, please clarify with your provider whether your policy covers the costs associated with this follow up consultation. Occasionally, surgical and non surgical treatments are performed in this appointment, in which case the cost of the treatment will also apply. An administration surcharge is added for emergency appointments booked with less than 24 hours notice.

Bespoke care package
A full quote for surgical fees and post-operative care will be sent out following the initial consultation if required. This will include a full break down of costs, including anaesthetic fees if applicable as well as the hospital fees and any pre- and post-operative garments or injections necessary.

For self-pay patients, in order to reserve the surgical date proposed, a £1000 non-refundable deposit is required and the balance of the surgical fees settled in full one week in advance of the surgery. The latter are fully refundable up until the day before surgery. Hospital fees are paid separately and the terms of payment vary depending on the location chosen. Chris’ team will provide guidance on this once a hospital location has been agreed. Please find the terms and conditions here.