Chris currently has a varied practice in facial plastic surgery, facial trauma, skin cancer management, body contouring following weight loss and hand surgery as well as general plastic surgery and reconstruction. He enjoys this specialist remit within the tertiary referral centre that is Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

His experience working at The Chelsea and Westminster and Great Ormond Street Hospitals has allowed him a specialist expertise in facial plastic surgery in adults and children. We are at a crucial time in surgical evolution where measurement of clinical outcome is imperative and Chris has been involved in developing these ideas nationally. His main areas of research include the measurement of clinical outcome, the definition of facial variation and the standardisation of information systems within surgery.

Chris is excited about the opportunity of combining clinical work with service development and has kept himself updated with management theory. He was involved in the clinical strategy document for my organisation and has been involved in setting up Craniofacial e-Referral services at our collaborative site – the West Middlesex University Hospital.  He would like to continue the innovation within plastic surgery and recent success in obtaining a 3D camera will help in this vain.

His proudest moment has been the coordination of separation of craniopagus twins, which was undertaken through the charity ‘facing the world’. Chris has been a volunteer for this charity since 2007 and looks forward to his continued involvement where possible.

Consultant in Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery
Core member of North West London Skin Cancer MDT
Core member of Craniofacial MDT
Member of North West London Bariatric and Colo-Plastics MDT
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Foundation Trust
Jan 2015 – Present


Postgraduate Qualifications – Higher Training                                          Sep 2007-Present
CCT (Plastic Surgery)                                                                                          May 2014
FRCS (Plast) Sep 2012
Craniofacial Fellowship – Great Ormond Street Hospital Oct 2010-Apr 2012
Prepare to lead 2010-11 scheme graduate Apr 2011
ATLS Revalidated May 2010
Diploma in Aesthetic Surgery, Barts and the London University Sep 2009


Postgraduate Qualifications – Basic Training   Jan 2000-Sep 2007
EMSB – British Burns Association, Middlesborough May 2005
MRCS – Royal College of Surgeons of England, London Jul 2003


Tertiary Education  Sep 1994-Jan 2000
Trinity College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK – MA, University Of Cambridge May 2001
 MB BChir, Addenbrooke’s Hospital Clinical School, Cambridge Jan 2000
 2:1 BA (Hons) Medical Sciences Tripos, Trinity College Jun 1997


Primary and Secondary Education 
Royal Grammar School, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Sep 1984-Jun 1994


 BAPRAS – British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons
 BAAPS – British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
 RSM – Royal Society of Medicine
 BBA – British Burns Association
 RCOS (England) – Royal College of Surgeons of England
 Charles Bell Society – For the Treatment of Patients with Facial Palsy
 BMA – British Medical Association


 Medical Courses
 Abdominal Wall Reconstruction – London Feb 2016
 Bond Solon Medicolegal expert report writing Jan 2016
 3D CT planning and printing – London Oct 2013
 Introduction to robotic surgery – London Sep 2013
 Child protection level III – London Jul 2013
 International Facial Nerve Congress – Boston Jun 2013
 Facial Deformity Reconstruction – London May 2011
 Statistics with ‘R’ – UCL, London May 2011
 Head & Neck Course – London May 2010
 ATLS Course – London May 2010
 International (ISCFS) craniofacial conference – Oxford Sep 2009
 Massive weight loss symposium May 2009
 Plastic Surgery Transatlantic Innovations – Paris Apr 2009
 Ionising Radiation Mar 2009
 Musculoskeletal Flap Course Sep 2005
 SASSH National Hand Congress Feb 2005
 Fracture Fixation course Nov 2004
 ATLS Course – Invited to train as an instructor, London Jul 2004
 CCrISP – Invited to train as an instructor, Royal College of Surgeons Sep 2002


Management Courses
 Risky Business Sep 2014
 Management Master classes May 2009-Oct 2012
 Neurolinguistic programming by NHS London Feb 2012
 Prepare to Lead by NHS London Apr 2011
 TAiP May 2010
 Power, Politics and Persuasion Jun 2009
 Clinical Leadership and Management for Senior SpRs Jan 2009
 NHS Leadership for SpRs Jul 2008
 NHS Management for SpRs Mar 2007
 Intellectual Property Jun 2006


 I started medicolegal work in January 2016
I have acted solely for claimants to date
I undertake examinations at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
I do not undertake prison or home visits


 Waiting times and Outpatient Audit Jan 2015
 Treatment of large skin defects of the head Jul 2014
 Perioperative Fluid and Blood Transfusion Sep 2013
 Craniofacial Surgery Complications at GOSH May 2012
 Toxic epidermal necrolysis syndrome an MDT approach Jun 2007


 National Foundation Doctors Presentation Day Jan 2015
 Rainsford Mowlem 1st Prize (BAPRAS) – Management of T.E.N.S 2007
 Yorkshire School of Surgery ‘Education week’ prize 2002
 Accident and Emergency regional presentation prize 2001
 The Paton Award for medical studies undertaken abroad 1997 & 1999


 A Risk_benefit analysis of Frontofacial distraction May 2015
 Craniofacial NF1 – A new classification system Jun 2014
 Midface lifting – Does it work? Jun 2014
 Orbito-temporal neurofibromatosis – A management algorithm Dec 2013
 The complications of frontofacial distraction May 2013
 Frontofacial distraction at GOSH: A 10 year experience Dec 2012
 Fibrin Sealant Reduces SSG Donor Site Pain: An RCT. Sep 2012
 ME in 3D, the evaluation of facial Morphology May 2012
 Frontofacial distraction at GOSH: A 10 year experience May 2012
 What makes a normal forehead Scoring outcomes in FOR surgery Sep 2011
 Bone Salami – A Novel reconstructive autograft Sep 2011
 ME in 3D: Facial morphometrics at the London Science Museum Sep 2011
 GOSH Craniopagus Twins, Building on a staged approach to Separation Sep 2011
 Craniofacial Surgery at GOSH: A 10 year experience Sep 2011
 Fronto-orbital remodeling an assessment tool Sep 2011
 The GOSH Craniofacial Outcome Score Sep 2011
 Craniofacial Surgery at GOSH: A 10 year experience Sep 2011
 GOSH Craniopagus Twins, Building on a staged approach to Separation Sep 2011
 An Evaluation of traditional APS versus springs for scaphocephaly Sep 2011
 Hypertelorism correction with Facial bipartition and box osteotomy Sep 2011
 A novel method of scaphocephaly correction using springs Sep 2011
 Fronto-orbital remodeling an assessment tool Sep 2011
 The GOSH Craniofacial Outcome Score May 2011
 GOSH Craniopagus Twins, Building on a staged approach to Separation May 2011
 Craniofacial Surgery at GOSH: A 10 year experience May 2011
 GOSH 2010-11 Activity, M&M and blood loss audits May 2011
 Fronto-orbital remodeling an assessment tool May 2011
 Technological adjuncts in planning Craniopagus twin separation May 2011
 Fibrin Glue Spray reduces split skin graft donor site morbidity – RCT Dec 2009
 Architectural Scrutiny of Dorsal Cutaneous Flap Design in the Hand Mar 2007
 Tisseal for Reduction in SSG Donor Site pain and Healing Time Mar 2007
 The Management of Finger Tip Amputations in Children Jun 2004
 Implications of the EWTD on training in Plastic Surgery Jul 2004



 Clement SC, Schoot RA, Slater O, Chisolm JC, Abela C et al. Endocrine disorders among long-term survivors of childhood head and neck rhabdomyosarcoma. Eur J Cancer 54:1-10 (Feb 2016).

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Abela C, Hartmann CE, De Leo A, de Sicca Chapman A, Dhah H, Jawad M, Bunker CB, Williams GJ, Leon-Villapolos J. Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN) – The Chelsea Westminster Hospital Wound Management Algorithm. JPRAS 6 7(8): 1026-32. August (2014).

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Abela C, McLellan L, Truscott K, Jeelani O, Dunaway D, Britto J, Hayward R, Jones B, Diwan Z. A 10 year experience of over 100 frontofacial procedures in syndromic children and their complications. J Neurol Neurosurg Psych 83:  A5-6 (2012).

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 NF1 – Measuring clinical outcomes
 Variation in 3D facial Morphology – ‘Me in 3D’. Data from Kensington Science Museum
 GCOS: A craniofacial outcome score


 Junior Medical Cabinet Chairman 2014-16
 Clinical strategy document author (Brompton/Chelsea bid) 2013
 3D Science Museum ‘ME in 3D’ project director 2011
 Craniofacial database development – IT delivery board chairman 2011-12
 Craniopagus Twins Separation Co-ordinator – Great Ormond Street Hospital 2011
 GOS Craniofacial Outcome Score 2011
 Research group Coordinator – GOSH Craniofacial Dept 2010-11
 Research group Coordinator – GOSH Craniofacial Dept 2009
 Website designer – www.specialistsinhealthcare.com 2008
 Sailing – Royal Yachting Associtaion qualified Day-skipper 2004
 International Travel: Europe, Caribbean, Central America, Russia, S. Africa 1994-2004
 Trinity College May Ball Committee Member 1996
 Elected Member of Trinity College Student’s Union Committee 1995
 Army Company Sergeant Major in School Combined Cadet Force 1994


I hold education and its protection within a rapidly evolving health service as one of my key areas of interest outside the clinical arena. I believe that as an individual I must take responsibility for my own education within the NHS framework. Therefore, I have made it a priority to be involved in steering training in a variety of different ways:
 Chairman of Junior medical Cabinet (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital) Jan 2014-Present
 Mentor (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital) Jan 2014
 Training the trainers Feb 2013
 The Craniofacial e-Logbook – Towards defining a lexicon for craniofacial procedures
 Designing and editing Craniofacial PBAs, DOPs and CEXs for the ISCP training program
 Mentor Training at NHS London Jan 2011
 Mentorship, Ms Penny Dash – McKinsey Partnership 2010-11
 TAiP Course May 2010
 Leadership development Mentor for NHS London 2010
 UPRAS 2010 Conference Practical Tutor 2010
 Kingston Hospital Medical Student Lecture Series 2009
 Pre-MRCS Lecturer (PASTEST Course) 4.5/5.0 2005-2008
 Medical Student O.S.C.E London Examiner, Imperial College 2006


 Rotamaster – Chelsea and Westminster Hospital 2014
 Junior Medical Cabinet Chairman 2014
 Writing the clinical vision for an inter-hospital collaboration 2013-14
 PPwT co-ordinator for cranial orthoses and facial asymmetry 2014
 ‘ME in 3D’ project coordinator – Kensington Science Museum 2011-12
 Craniofacial database development – Technical delivery board chairman 2011-12
 Craniopagus Twins Separation Co-ordinator – Great Ormond Street Hospital 2011
 Zambia – ISCFS research coordinator 2011
 Research group Chairman – Great Ormond Street Hospital Craniofacial Dept 2010
 M&M Fascilitator – St George’s Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital 2010-12
 Prepare to Lead 2010 Cohort London 2010-11
 Junior lead on Craniofacial Database at Great Ormond Street Hospital 2011
 Rota-master Great Ormond Street Hospital, London 2011-12
 Convener of St George’s Hospital Cadaveric Teaching Programme 2010
 Author of St George’s Hospital Hand Surgery Patient Information Leaflets 2009
 MMC Divisional spokesman and rota-master 2008
 Healthcare Management – PCP Capital partners, Mayfair, London May-Oct 2007
 Co-ordinator of SHO Induction Programme (C&W) Apr 2005-Oct 2006


Mr Christopher Abela
Consultant Craniofacial and Plastic Surgeon
MA MB BChir Dip Aesth Surg FRCS (Plast)Address for correspondence:Department of Plastic Surgery,
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
369 Fulham Road, London
SW10 9NHThe following terms and conditions shall apply to the provision of medical reports and expert medical witness work by Mr Christopher Abela MA MB BChir Dip Aesth Surg FRCS (Plast), Consultant Craniofacial and Plastic Surgeon.My Current terms and conditions are as follows:1. Preparing a written report, including inspection of all relevant documentation, medical records and all other time spent in relation to this matter (apart from point 5 below) is £600 per hour (or part thereof), with a minimum fee of £1200.

2. A detailed brief and relevant documents should be provided in electronic (encrypted PDF) format, with an approximate timescale for guidance. All relevant x-ray imagery files should be provided on a separate CD.

3. When a translator is required for a non-English speaking patient, the instructing solicitors must ensure that an impartial translator is made available. An additional charge of £100 will be added to the report fee in these cases.

4. Payment should be made prior to receipt of my report.

5. Subsequent involvement including correspondence will be invoiced at £50 per e-mail or by the hourly rate, whichever is the more relevant rate.

6. My daily rate for attending court hearings is £5000 (half day rate £3000), which includes time for travelling and waiting between the hours of 8am and 6pm (8am and 1pm or 1pm and 6pm for half days). This will not include preparatory time, which will be charged at the hourly rate. Outside these hours, an hourly rate will be charged, plus overnight accommodation if outside M25 up to £350 per night. Travel will be reimbursed additionally including first class rail travel, business class flights, associated taxi fares or mileage charged at £2.50 per mile.

7. I expect payment, even if I do not give oral evidence.

8. 6 weeks notice with a 50% retainer should be given on instruction for any court attendance. Shorter notice periods may be charged at £5000 per day.

9. A cancellation fee of 50% will be invoiced if notified up to 2 weeks prior to court commencement. 100% of rates will be due if cancelled within 2 weeks.

10. My accounts are not subject to VAT.

11. In legally aided cases (where my fees constitute a disbursement), I expect you to make a prompt claim to the legal aid agency and to advise me of any expected delay in settlement. In all other cases I expect payment of invoice within 30 days of invoice date, from you, as my client, irrespective of whether your client has paid you.

12. Should accounts not be settled within the agreed period, at my discretion, I have the right to charge interest on unpaid accounts at the rate of 3% a month, or part of month, until full settlement is received. I also express the right to charge £50 per e-mail sent in the chasing of these settlements.

13. I am not prepared to have my accounts subjected to assessment and look, to you, my client, to fund any assessment deducted relating to the case, at any time.

14. I will use my experience, care and skill in fulfilling your instructions to the best of my ability. Please remember that I am an independent witness.

15. Please let me have your full instructions and timescales, together with any further relevant information you may have and confirm your agreement to the above terms in writing by signing the below and returning by post/e-mail.

16. Arranging for a medical expert examination or sending me medical records or relevant documentation for review is implied consent to these terms and conditions.

17. These conditions are subject to change and are valid for 1 year from January 5th 2023. Please ask for upto date Ts and Cs when instructing.