Patients kindly offer their feedback to Chris and his team through a variety of mechanisms. After every episode has been concluded they are asked to feedback through an anonymous survey or through the independent website The team are always pleased to receive written personal notes of thanks/critique, all of which are also included below.

“Mr Abela removed a growth from my 9 year old daughters neck. The scar is so neat and with the scar management advice, it is still improving. Such a good result for my daughter. Thank you so much.”
Anonymous review on, Apr 2021

“Chris was very reassuring and explained everything in clear English, particularly the confusing medical terms. He answered all of my questions very patiently and I felt like I was in very good hands. I would happily recommend him to other patients.”
Anonymous review on, Apr 2021

“Apart from being highly skilled and knowledgeable, Chris is empathetic and a good communicator.”
Anonymous review on, Apr 2021

“Dear Chris,Thank you for all your help with Maria’s mole and skin problems.”
A personal thank you from a mother by card, Mar 2021

“I was referred to Chris mistakenly by my insurance provider and although he couldn’t help me with my specific surgery he talked me through the type of surgery I’d likely need and referred me to two of his highly recommended colleagues that did specialise in the area. I was able to book directly with them, without the pain of dealing with my insurance providers who’ve been passing me around to doctors for over a month. He helped me in one call. I’m extremely grateful to him, plus he was delightful. Thank you Chris!”
Anonymous review on, Mar 2021

“Chris has been a rock throughout my treatment, when my original surgery had to be cancelled due to Covid, he called me to reassure me the next steps and what they would be, he has an amazing team as well”
‘Doctify’ Anonymous feedback following BCC excision, Jan 2021

“Chris, Thank you so much for seeing me so quickly and your calm and professional approach. All the best.”
Personal feedback from patient by Card, Jan 2021


“Chris was first class during the whole process. He explained very clearly what the diagnosis really meant and also the risks/benefits of the procedure. The operation itself went well and my recovery was rapid with good notes to explain what I could do to help the process. He contacted me as soon and the results were available and again was very clear and concise about the recommendations. At all times he was very open to any questions or concerns I had about the diagnosis/procedure/prognosis. All in all a very good experience given its not something any of us want to do!!”
E-mail feedback following skin cancer care, Dec 2020

“I had an excellent and most thorough consultation with Mr Abela. He was very helpful, kind and explained things to me clearly. I left the appointment feeling informed and confident of the outcome.”
Anonymous review on, Dec 2020

“Dear Mr Chris Abela, Thank you for the excellent care our baby boy received for his toe tourniquet on 30th October. We are very grateful for everyone’s help and attention.”
Card feedback following treatment to baby, Dec 2020

“Chris & Team did an excellent job in treating me with some surgery on my face. Excellent communication from the outset and very reassuring on the day. I was also very pleased with the follow up appointment and advice. Thanks to everyone in the team that helped.”
Anonymous review on, July 2020

“I fully recommend Chris. He was kind, considerate and very clear in how he explained things. The operation and subsequent treatment completely resolved my problem and he was always very reassuring.”
Anonymous review on, April 2020

“Excellent care and consultation. Will definitely recommend to others”
Anonymous review on, March 2020

“Dear Chris, In May last year you added me on to an operating list at the last moment for a WLE but i never officially said thank you. I really appreciated you and your team doing that – it was a bit of a scary time and getting the second excision done quickly was really helpful. Thankfully everything is okay and i have made a full recovery. Thanks again.”
Feedback by card following melanoma wide local excision, February 2020

“Dear Mr Abela, We wanted to thank you for the miracle you have brought to my daughter’s life. You take the time to listen and are a great encouragement and make your patients feel valued and respected, treating others as you would want to be treated. I thank God often for you. Thank you for who you are and for the brilliant surgeon you are.”
Feedback by card following craniofacial surgery, February 2020

“I hope this message finds you well and fine, I have just been home for the weekend and I cannot begin to express my emotions. The whole family is very grateful for the amazing work that you and the team have done for us. I want to thank you and your team from the bottom of all of our hearts for the care Ethan received, we were all impressed by the kindness and professionalism that was taken. A special thank you Doctor for being so good at what you do, we will never forget what you have done for us. “
Feedback by e-mail following removal of neurofibroma and ear reconstruction, February 2020

“I saw Dr Abela for a small procedure and I highly recommend him. He took great care in explaining what was necessary and made sure i had no concerns. The end result was perfect and also i recommend his administrative staff who were equally helpful and efficient.”
Anonymous review on, February 2020

“Mr Abela was one of a few specialists I met when researching my abdominoplasty. He immediately put me at ease (I had been anxious about the procedure) and was able to explain clearly what would be the best way to proceed in my particular case. Both pre and post-procedure, Mr Abela demonstrated excellent and current clinical expertise, and this together with his friendly, calm and professional demeanour left me feeling completely comfortable about the surgery, and certain that I had made the right decision in choosing him. I would not hesitate to see Mr Abela again should the need arise, and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering treatment in the future.”
Feedback by e-mail following Abdominoplasty, January 2020

“Dr Abela was fantastic. Extremely professional but also realistic. He made me feel very relaxed and provided all information I needed. Natalie was also very helpful/ organised/ communicative. A great team! Chris and his team are fantastic. No hesitations in recommending him to others.”
Anonymous review through post op ‘SurveyMonkey’, January 2020

“Mr Abela is a caring and highly professional surgeon. He operated our 3 year old son a year ago at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, to remove a rapidly proliferative lesion on the dorsum of his nose. From the first consultation we felt reassured and received a clear picture of the situation. The outcome of the surgery was beyond what we could have hoped for. He treated our son with the utmost care, kindness and respect and this continued through each followup appointment. We are very grateful and it’s fortunate that our son has been under his care.”
Anonymous review on, January 2020


“Mr Abela made me feel comfortable from the very first appointment. He performed a otoplasty (ear-pinning) procedure on both my ears under local anesthetic. I was confident in Mr Abelas expertise the whole way through I felt reassured. Throughout the procedure his whole team were very friendly and made sure I was feeling comfortable, offering to play my choice of music and keeping me warm. I am now over the moon with the results and cannot more highly recommend.”
Anonymous review on, December 2019

“To Mr Abela, A big thank you for all you have done for me and the changes that you have made to my life. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.”
Hand written Christmas Card, following fat transfer to face, December 2019

“Following a BCC removal from the tip of my nose, I had three reconstructions by Dr. Chris Abela. Dr. Abela explained me before each proceeding what he was going to do and the proceedings were all successful. Dr. Abela then followed each proceeding up and checked how the scar was evolving. I enjoy dealing with Dr Abela for his professionalism and his kind manners.”
Anonymous review by e-mail, December 2019

“Dear Mr Abela, With sincere thanks for your care and attention”
Hand written Christmas Card, following skin cancer removal, December 2019

“Dear Chris, Just a note to say a heartfelt thank you for your care over the last year. You were such a calm and clear presence in a complicated and very important research/decision making process. And your professionalism, conscientious approach, kind manner were enormously valuedthroughout my procedure and after care. I couldn’t have wished for better treatment or surgical outcome, it has changed my life. Wishing you and your family a wonderful christmas.”
Hand written Christmas Card, following abdominal wall reconstruction, December 2019

“Mr Abela operated on my 3 year old daughter, to remove a dermoid cyst. From the first consultation, we knew that we were in good hands. Mr Abela was great with our daughter, who is shy and quite fearful. He walked us through our options, including advising us that waiting for the surgery until our daughter turned 3 would be best in our case. Mr Abela (known by our daughter as ‘the clever man’) did a superb job, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We are very grateful.”
Anonymous review on, November 2019

“Mr Abela is a wonderful surgeon. He operated to remove a cyst on my daughter’s face, and the result was beyond what we could have hoped for. Mr Abela was reassuring and professional throughout, putting us and – more importantly – our daughter at ease. We are very grateful to him.”
Anonymous review on Google, November 2019

“Mr Abela and staff provided an efficient and comforting experience always making sure that I know what they planned to do, and what I should expect. Everything went well and I was given clear instructions as to how to keep the wound clean etc. I was seen in due course for a follow up when the procedure was explained again and how it had been successful”
Anonymous review on, October 2019

“Mr Abela and his team, have been wonderful throughout the process of my procedure. Mr Abela is very approachable, reassuring, and keeps you well informed at all times. The results of my surgery surpassed my expectations. Mr Abela’s private secretary is very thorough and made it a hassle free experience. Amazing !”
Following removal of Lipoma, through post-op ‘surveymonkey’, October 2019

“I would like to say a huge thank you for the fantastic post-MOH’s nose reconstruction that you carried out earlier this month. I am absolutely amazed at how good it looks. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your care and professionalism.”
Following skin cancer reconstruction, through post-op ‘surveymonkey’, October 2019

“Mr. Abela and the team at the Portland Hospital were outstanding and I am extremely grateful to them all for everything that they did. Everything related to the surgery and the post-treatment care was outstanding.”
Following Excision of BCC and skin graft, through post-op ‘surveymonkey’, October 2019

“I wanted to just drop you a note to say thank you for everything you have done for me so far.  I can genuinely say I am in awe of you – your skill (it’s a very neat scar!), professionalism, calm and very honest manner and overall approach has made what was frankly the hardest thing I have had to manage in life, seem so easy. Words genuinely cannot express how grateful I am to you and how much difference having my abdominoplasty has made to my life already.  It is so strange to look down and even now, so soon into the healing process see that my stomach has disappeared – something which has plagued me for the last 5 years and become the thing that defines who I am.  I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to sort it out! I would recommend your services in a heartbeat and if you ever need a testimonial or case study, I would be more than happy!  You are simply an amazing surgeon and person. “
Following Abdominoplasty, by E-mail, September 2019

“After years of searching for the right Surgeon who listened and understood me, I had absolutely no hesitation to proceed. I did my research first and read the reviews and as I can now confirm based on my own experience, everything I read was correct and Mr Abela deserves all of the 5 star ratings that patients have awarded him. My procedure was very straight forward. Recovery was slightly more difficult for me personally due to my own health issues and Mr Abela was there to support me, not only with my physical health but also with my mental health concerns. Cosmetically surgery is not something that you should take lightly, believe me I speak from experience. I have in the past found myself in the hands of cowboys but when you meet Mr Abela you will understand that he is one of the good ones! My only disappointment is that I didn’t find him earlier…”
Anonymous review on, August 2019

“I had a tummy tuck and skin removal by Dr Chris Abela in March 2019 at Chelsea and Westminster hospital. I felt totally at ease with him from the very beginning which was so important to me as I was overwhelmed by the whole experience especially as I had another surgeon doing surgery at the same time. Having just seen today the before and after pictures proves not only is he a lovely person in himself but an excellent surgeon. I couldn’t thank him enough. Highly recommend”
Following abdominoplasty, Google review, August 2019

“Christopher Abela is highly skilled, patient ,compassionate and takes the time to listen explaining in detail the procedure needed which is imperative when facing the unknown I can not praise Mr Abela highly enough. I have been a patient for 18 months for BCC located on my lower nose and under my eye and needed a forehead flap, the care and kindness of Mr Abela’s team and Nurses was exceptionable during my stay and the many visits during my care. Delighted to report all BCC removed and the scars are minimal due to the skills of this wonderful Consultant and his team.”
Anonymous review on, August 2019

“Mr Abela was very kind, patient and understanding during my consultation regarding the removal of my birthmark. I was impressed with the breadth of his knowledge insofar as he was able to inform me of various techniques outside of plastic surgery for removing / concealing my birthmark. And in regard to a plastic surgery method of removal, he was able to describe to me in simple terms how the procedure would take place.
Anonymous review on, July 2019

“Chris was fantastic. He explained everything about the procedure to me patiently every step of the way.I felt in very safe hands throughout the whole process and am so pleased with the results.
Anonymous review on, July 2019

“Mr Abela, Thank you so much for your skill and care.
Following neck scar revision, by card, June 2019

“Dear Mr Abela, I just wanted you to know that i am so pleased with my treatment. It has been marvellous and to thank you.
Following skin cancer treatment, by card, June 2019

“Dear Mr Abela, thank you so much for your kindness, it is truly appreciated.
Following post-traumatic nasal manipulation under anaesthetic, by card, June 2019

“Mr Abela has been an excellent surgeon and consultant. Him and his team have always been available to answer queries with utmost professionalism. The care given by them have been excellent and as for the result, they went beyond my expectations. Thank you. Excellent care, superb results and very professional. Delighted with Mr Abela and his team.
Following abdominoplasty, through post-op ‘surveymonkey’, May 2019

“I am extremely pleased with the results, no scarring and I look noticeably younger but it’s remarkably natural looking and doesn’t look as though I’ve had plastic surgery
Following facelift and eyelid rejuvenation, through post-op ‘surveymonkey’, May 2019

“Dr Abela and his team are simply, wonderful. I had a Basal Cell Carcinoma on my nose and after MOHS surgery, Dr Abela reconstructed the area. In addition to being a great surgeon, Dr Abela was compassionate and kind. I felt very well cared for and was never rushed by him. My treatment was via our great NHS and Dr.Abela treats all patients with dignity and respect. Moreover, he is an exceptional human and thank goodness the NHS has such inspiring medics and nurses.
Anonymous review on, April 2019

“Mr Abela was very straightforward and professional and the quality of his work was excellent. It was all effortless and went like a dream.
Following BCC removal and local flap reconstruction, through post-op ‘surveymonkey’, April 2019

“Dr Abela and his team were excellent during my surgery.
Anonymous review on, April 2019

“Dear Chris, I hope you are well. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for everything and the wonderful treatment I have received from you and your team. Above all, I wanted to thank you for your humility and kindness. It’s wonderful to be discharged from so many consultants, but I am sad too as you’ve all been marvellous. I would have rather not been through so much, but I can honestly say that I feel a better person for it after meeting such inspirational medics. As the wise Africans say, “health is wealth” and so you have made me a very rich person indeed. I wish you every success and hope you and your family always have clear horizons. I shall certainly be writing to the CEO. I was going to be professional and end, “kind regards” but really, that’s so clinical – pardon the play on words. So I’ll end by saying…With love, admiration and respect, Sarah.
Following local flap reconstruction of MOHs defect, through personal correspondence, March 2019

“I have had two minor procedures with Chris Abela during the last year, everything was made easy with the surgery being completely pain-free. this is largely thanks to the complete ease and trust one feels with the professionalism that is amply demonstrated from the initial appointment to the follow-up checks. On both occasions a local anaesthetic was employed, the time passed quickly and easily with Chris’s “theatrical humour” plus the healing was much quicker than anticipated with perfect results. I thoroughly recommend this practice and have complete confidence in advice given. Top class.
Anonymous review on, March 2019

“Excellent quality of surgery, very humane and friendly.
Following BCC removal and skin graft reconstruction, through post-op ‘surveymonkey’, March 2019

“I have been a patient for more than 18 months in Mr Abela’s care! I have found him thoughtful and attentive and during surgery realised I was in a safe pair of hands.
Anonymous review on, January 2019

“I had a full thickness BCC removed from the lower part of my nose at Chelsea and Westminster hospital and was fortunate enough to have Mr Christopher Abela perform the reconstructive surgery. Mr Abela clearly explained what to expect, which involved taking cartilage from my ear and a forehead flap. He was very informative and reassuring about the whole process. The positive upbeat attitude of Mr Abela and the excellent staff at Chelsea and Westminster hospital made me feel much more optimistic about the whole process. I can honestly say that I never experienced any pain at any stage and the only inconvenience was not being able to wash my hair for about 3 weeks after the first operation. The reconstruction is incredibly good and I’m so grateful to Mr Abela for the wonderful job he has done.
Anonymous review on, January 2019

“I am so grateful to Mr Abela and his team. Ever since I’ve had my Pinnaplasty I have had more confidence in myself and am so happy to not have to worry about my ears anymore. I’d happily recommend Mr Abela to anyone who was thinking of having this procedure.”
Patient thanks via e-mail, January 2018


“We would like to thank you for your help with our son, NR who you saw last week on Thursday afternoon. You helped in creating a care plan and ensure it is followed with Chelsea’s hospital. The level of care N received was second to none. I do not believe we would have managed to get N on the mend so quickly without your help. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Have a lovely evening.”
Parental thanks via e-mail, December 2018

“Mr Abela was wonderful with my 15 year old daughter who was very sensitive about her prominent ears. Being young and having no experience of surgery, she was initially disappointed with the swollen, bruised and slightly misshapen ears which emerged 7 days post surgery. Christopher was calm and patient with her and encouraged her to look after them and massage away the swelling: the result is lovely, tidy re-positioned ears which have a good, natural shape after 10 weeks. I commend Mr Abela and his team. It was a stress-free experience and his ability to communicate with young people, in an unpatronising way, made the whole process easier speaking as the parent. Many thanks..
Anonymous review on, November 2018

“A note to thank you for taking the trouble to deal with the ‘item’ which elsewhere was not regarded as requiring attention. To me it was important, so to you, my appreciation, best wishes.
AA, following removal of a forehead lump, by letter, October 2018

“I can’t thank Dr Abela enough for the wonderful wide excision surgery he has done for me. I had a follow up appointment today (one week since surgery) and the wound looks fantastic! I am very grateful that Dr Abela has applied his cosmetic skills so that the scarring is the best it can be. He is also very friendly, informative and put my mind at ease throughout the whole procedure. I knew I was in such good hands with Dr Abela and his team and I will always be grateful for the treatment I received. Big thank you from me.
Anonymous review on, October 2018

Mr Abela was my consultant surgeon when I was diagnosed as having a melanoma and needed wide excision surgery. I was extremely happy with all my appointments with Mr Abela as well as the actual surgical procedure. Mr Abela was kind, courteous and reassuring throughout and he very much helped to allay my fears by talking me through the whole procecure and answering all my questions both before the surgery, during the procedure and afterwards. The site of the surgery was in an embarrassing place right on my groin area but again Mr Abela made me feel comfortable and relaxed during all the examinations and surgery.
Anonymous review on, October 2018

First time I came I saw the doctor and was greeted with a lovely smiling face. Dr Abela could managed to remove huge lipoma on my shoulder through a little incision. Everything has been done quickly and highly professionally. I am absolutely happy with the result and would recommend Dr Abela. I wish all the best to Dr Chris Abela and his team. Thank you.”
49 year old following lipoma removal, via surveymonkey, September 2018

To our dear Mr Chris Abela, just to say a heartfelt thank you for your amazing surgery on my hand. You’ve really given me my freedom and i’m so grateful.”
SB, by card following hand surgery, September 2018

Thank you so much for all your extremely, extremely excellent work you did for me, i am so pleased with the results of my Breast Enlargement, couldn’t ask for more.  I had my implants done by Dr Chris Abela, I couldn’t ask for a better Surgeon than Mr Abela, very professional and he really makes you feel so relaxed and his team are extremely helpful, and they are always there for you, during and after your op. Thank you very very much for all you do for us, and most importantly I am very pleased with the results achieved. Well done. (Team Abela).”
SP following breast augmentation, by e-mail review on, August 2018

“In my experience, which involved reconstruction following facial surgery for a deep-rooted skin cancer, Mr Abela is a brilliant plastic surgeon, who carefully explains all he is going to do, and has done. He is also easy to talk to, and very personable.”
Anonymous review on, July 2018

Now that life is returning to ‘normal’ following my skin cancer diagnosis and resulting treatment, I am left feeling incredibly lucky indeed. I am beyond grateful for all of your time, patience and hard work. It is now only two weeks since my reconstructive surgery, and despite the fact that I found seeing my scar initially overwhelming, I am beyond amazed at the result you have achieved. You managed to close my wound with such a degree of care and skill that it already looks very settled and healthy. You talked to me about how you would attempt to make the resulting scar as discreet as you possibly could, and I can see that you truly meant that. Not only are you clearly a leader in your field, you are also a genuinely kind and compassionate person – which I have to say meant the world during this process. I bombarded you with questions, which you were only too happy to answer! You also took the time to show me photographs so that I had an idea of what to expect, and directed me to pages on your website that you thought might be helpful. A cancer diagnosis presents a challenge that nothing can quite prepare one for. I wanted to write and thank you, as I do feel incredibly lucky to have had you on my side.
LW following DFSP treatment, by E-mail, July 2018

“This is to say thank you to you and your great team for your wonderful care and compassion. We are very grateful for everything. CK continues to make good progress which is encouraging. Our very best wishes to you all and pray that you continue the good work. God Bless”
CK and family following melanoma treatment, by card, April 2018

“I found Mr Abela to be excellent in explaining the treatment necessary which was carried out very efficiently and I have no hesitation in recommending him. It is so reassuring to have one’s concerns about operations dealt with sensitively and professionally.”
Anonymous review on, April 2018

“Every hope for the surgery was met beyond expectations. Not only was Mr Abela, approachable, i felt I could ask what i would look for and he was realistic about the outcome but managed to deliver. I was fortunate to have found a very skilled surgeon and amazed at my results. If i ever need future surgery, i will definitely request his services again. Thank you”
Anonymous feedback from SurveyMonkey, March 2018

“I have nothing but the highest praise for Mr Abela. Having received Mohs surgery to remove a cancer from my nose, Mr Abela administered plastic surgery to close up the cavity. It was an excellent result that I was almost completely delighted with. I mentioned that I could see a slight indent and, if possible, would like that to be corrected. Mr Abela spent time researching possible solutions for this. What he offered was perfect for me. I couldn’t be more pleased. He is a total delight to visit, always positive, polite and cheerful. I consider myself very fortunate”
Anonymous review on, March 2018

“Dear Mr Abela, Thank you for the great job you’ve done on my tummy.”
GP, following abdominal wall reconstruction, by card, January 2018

“Having developed severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and being a dentist and new mum at the same time made my life upside down when then I was luckly blessed to go under the care of Dr Chris Abela whose great professionalism gave me back my hands movements and so my life back. I am eternally Greatful to Dr Abela for getting my both wrists completely recovered after brilliant surgeries that allowed me today to finally be able to live my life normally and totally free of pain. I highly recommend Dr Chris Abela who is a fantastic Surgeon and Person.”
Anonymous review on, January 2018


“I had the great fortune to be placed under the care of Dr. Abela following Mohs surgery on my nose. Truly, I am in awe of this mans great talent. I look at my nose today, two years on from the surgery, and despite having a divet the size of a 5p piece removed, I can barely see it. And I say this as a fairly image-conscious person. The odd thing is, to this day, despite having had it explained to me, I really don’t know how he did it. It’s that good. In another circumstance, I might be permanently self-conscious about my nose but thanks to Dr. Abela this is not the case and I will always be thankful to him. I cannot speak more highly of this talented surgeon.”
Anonymous review on, November 2017

“Just a small token of our appreciation for your expert help in patching up our daughter Florence’s cheek. We really appreciated it. Thanks again”
Parents of Florence who cut her cheek at school, by card, October 2017

“Having an operation is always traumatic and when it is to do with cancer you go into overdrive. Mr Abela was most kind and professional, he explained things simply and calmly. The result was perfect and I can’t thank him or his team enough for getting me through the worrying time.”
AC-J Following Axillary dissection; review on, October 2017

“I wanted to thank you for your care during my time in hospital. You have a great team who returned me swiftly back to good health.”
MC by card. Following drainage of facial abscess, October 2017

“Mr Abela carried out his work in a very professional and considerate manner The Instruction and explanation of my operation was fully described and made me at ease on my recovery period.”
Anonymous review on, September 2017

“Over the past year I have attended outpatient appts and had removal and reconstructive surgery(including a forehead flap) of my nose, post diagnosis of a large Basal cell carcinoma. Throughout the whole process Dr Abela was professional, approachable, friendly and answered any queries I had. I did not once feel rushed during an appt. Friends and family have commented on how well the scars have healed. I work as a nurse in the NHS and Dr Abela…made what can seem like a very daunting experience achievable and that the end result would be positive. I felt completely confident with the care I received throughout the whole process. I cannot recommend Dr Abela enough- a great doctor and compassionate person.”
Anonymous review on, September 2017

“I thought Chris was a very approachable and honest doctor. I had great results with the surgery and would highly reccomend him.”
Anonymous review on, September 2017

“Mr Abela was extremely approachable, friendly and professional. He seemed so caring in my treatment, only discharging me when I was happy to be discharged, not when he thought I should be. At no point was I confused about the procedure to take place, having it describe/ explained in simple terms, so that anyone could understand it and always with a smile (I never saw him without one). He remained cheerful and friendly all the way through my treatment, including before the procedures, on both days in surgery and post procedure appointments. I would hope I would never need his services and skills again, but should I need anything done, I would whole heartedly hope that I could call upon him/ be referred to him again. I hope that he continues to work in the same area for a long time, so that should I need his skills, he is there.”
Anonymous review on, September 2017

” Dear Mr Abela, thank you very much indeed for checking up! All is healing super quickly and looks great. Thank you very much indeed for doing such a fantastic job! Best wishes and thank you again.”
BJ, Lipoma excision,September 2017

Dear Chris, I know I said this in person but I wanted to thank you again for all that you’ve done for me over the last 2 years. I suspect like many of your patients with massive weight loss, this hasn’t just been a physical transformation for me, it has been a mental and emotional one. The skill with which you performed my surgeries has contributed to all aspects of my wellbeing and I am truly grateful for your time, kindness and professionalism. I doubt that you are aware of how I got to the stage where I needed these surgeries but it was via an eating disorder, alcoholism and crippling depression. I have recovered from all of these over the last 9 years. The surgery has been an important part of that recovery process.
EJ, Body Contouring Surgery, August 2017

“Mr. Abela is a skilled surgeon who takes the time needed and treats patients with interest and respect. Mr. Abela’s combination of artistry and knowledge of anatomy gave excellent results. The effect is subtle but very pleasing and with noticeable impact.
Anonymous Surveymonkey feedback following BOTOX treatment, August 2017

“Dear Mr Abela, I have to write a line to thank you for the marvellous job you did on my topknot! It was a huge relief that you decided i no longer needed a skin graft and everyone has been admiring your handiwork! I cannot imagine anyone else could have sewed me up more skilfully.”
EL, MOHs reconstruction to scalp, August 2017

“Mr. Abela brings not only knowledge of the subject matter and procedures, but a method of application which is patient oriented. He listens, and he informs. Clearly. One of the best doctors I have seen in the NHS.”
Anonymous review on, August 2017

“He was able to operate a week after my basal cell carcinoma was removed leaving a deep hole on my nose. He explained clearly what he was going to do (and what he couldn’t do). He answered all my questions.”
Anonymous review on, August 2017

“I was very impressed when I met Dr Abela for my first consultation. He as so clear and helpful on the subject of my forthcoming operation, and charming with my two daughters who came along too!”
Anonymous via surveymonkey, July 2017

“Dear Dr Chris Abela, Thank you for having the skill and imagination to fix me and make me better. The whole process has been better than i could have imagined. Thank you for your incredible care. Forever grateful.”
CL, Following abdominal wall reconstruction, July 2017

“Although this was a follow appointment, to a steroid injection, Mr Abela’s attention to detail and reassurance, was impeccable. On the three occasions I have had contact with him, he has come across as genuine and someone who has time for you as a patient. I would highly recommend him.”
Anonymous review on, July 2017

“When thinking about my year at Chelsea, i will most certainly remember the great teaching and good advice you were always prepared to give me. Thanks for making me feel welcome in a new system right from the start.”
Junior doctor, July 2017

“I was nervous when you first mentioned the forehead flap reconstruction procedure, you explained in detail the procedure and calmed my nerves on the recovery time. Thank you again for being a good doctor and a person who can relate to concerns of the patient”
DM, Forehad flap reconstruction post MOHs, June 2017

“I didn’t have surgery but I would recommend for any consultancy before a procedure.”
Anonymous via surveymonkey, June 2017

“Dear Mr Abela, Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I felt very safe in your care.”
Tania, May 2017

“Mr Abela gave me great confidence in him, with his experience and expertise. He has an excellent and charming manner about him. He is easy to talk to and explains what is to be done very thoroughly. The after care I received was excellent and I would 100% recommend him to anyone. My wound did exactly what he told me it would and it was a pretty bad wound. It would have taken longer if I hadn’t had the help and support of Mr Abela”
Anonymous, May 2017

“Dear Mr Abela, just a little card to say thank you and your team for my procedure and your kindness.”
JA, by card, May 2017

“I can highly recommend Mr Abela. He is so patient, caring and very professional. I had a tummy tuck and breast enlargement three weeks ago and I am healing lovely. I cannot wait to see the final results after the rest of my swelling has gone. You are in super safe hands with this brilliant surgeon. Enjoy you transformation”
Claire on May 2017

“You gave the best care that (she) ever received, you took time out to phone and find out how things were. You have genuine care and are a gentleman. Kind regards”
SM, Daughter of recently deceased patient, May 2017

“Dear Chris, There are no words rto say how grateful we are. Sophia is doing well.”
FO, by e-mail, April 2017

“Dear Mr Abela, I write to thank you for your help yesterday in repairing my daughter Eliza’s lacerated eyebrow. Despite being a simple and straightforward procedure, which you have no doubt carried out numerous times it was our first such an experience and your kind gentle approach and your expertise were hugely appreciated. There is nothing natural about seeing one’s child lying on an operating table, quite aside from the unknown risks of the general anaesthetic. Thank you for helping us to navigate what was a changed experience so skillfully. We are most grateful indeed.”
ML, by card, March 2017

“Mr Abela quite simply succeeded where others had failed. The level attention received from him and the team at Chelsea & Westminster was outstanding. I would “recommend” Chris to anyone in need of surgery and aftercare.”
Anonymous review on March 2017

“Right from the outset I felt very comfortable with Mr Abela. His diagnosis was commendably clear and the options for dealing with my condition explained in simple lay man terms including the upside and downside of each. He came across to me as a doctor who really cared for his patients and who really wanted to give them the best possible treatment and care. His expertise and professionalism really shone through and I immediately felt I was in good hands. Thanks to him to him the operation was a great success and his monitoring of my post operation progress continues to be very thorough and caring. I cannot speak too highly of Mr Abela and consider myself very fortunate to have been under his care. I recommend him without reservation or hesitation.”
Anonymous review on February 2017

“I totally trusted Mr Christopher Abela, he put me at ease the first time I met him. He was extremely easy to talk to and he was very attentive. He also gave extremely good advice, in getting my wound to heal naturally. I would totally recommend him and it was a pleasure to have him as my Surgeon.”
Anonymous review on February 2017

“Mr Abela identified the problem with my hand immediately. He is easy to talk to and his warmth and friendliness go a long way to making the patient at ease.”
Anonymous review on February 2017

“Mr. Abela was very caring and fully understood the problem I had. He is professional and yet very approachable. He takes time to listen and offers very realistic advice and solutions.
I found him also comfortable to talk to and you come away knowing that you are in great hands!”
Anonymous review on January 2017

“My first treatment was in December 2015 prior to the operation everything was explained in detail and I was very relaxed. My follow up check was in March when I was seen speedily with no waiting.The surgery being successful. The final consultation was January 2017 and again was invited to contact the Dr if any concerns I was delighted with the whole procedure and the results of reconstruction. You are in safe hands”
Anonymous review on January 2017

“To Chris, thank you for your kind treatment of my hands.”
ES, January 2017


“Dr Abela, Thank you for being so kind to my mum. She is so grateful for having this surgery”
AH, December 2016

“The care under Mr Abela and his team has been excellent from start to finish. From the initial consultation, through to and during surgery, post surgery and up to being discharged in September 2016. In addition to top care and expertise, I was very impressed with the efficient and friendly service not only by Chris but all staff involved. Thank you very much and I definitely highly recommend him and his team.”
Anonymous review on December 2016

“Dear Dr Abela, Thank you for all you have done over the past months regarding my ‘trigger finger’. You are always so friendly, helpful and kind. You put me at ease and explained everything in a way I could understand”
DW, Thank you card, December 2016

“Dear Mr Abela, more than a year has gone since the operation for cancer. I am eternally grateful for your marvelous assistance in saving my life. All for the moment goes well.”
NP, Xmas card December 2016

“Mr Christopher Abela listened and explained things clearly. I found him to be very approachable and will definitely consult him again should I go ahead with any further treatment regarding my hand.”
Anonymous review on November 2016

“Mr. Abela heads a department that is efficient, friendly, and genuinely caring, for every patient. The surgical procedure was undertaken with ‘clinical excellence’ as standard.”
Anonymous review on October 2016

“I was diagnosed with hyperhidrosis ( excessive sweating) in 2014 and referred to Mr Christopher Abela Clinique. He suggested various treatments to address my needs and found the best solution. He has been very approachable and more than competent as a surgeon. He has changed my life completely and gave me my confidence back. If you are looking for a great plastic surgeon, he is your man”
Anonymous review on September 2016

“Having been referred to Mr Abela for a relatively minor condition, requiring a steroid injection, I was pleasantly surprised by his professional, courteous and unhurried approach. I have had two consultations with him and each time he has displayed a caring and reassuring manner. His concern for you as a patient is evident and this in turn, builds a sense of trust.”
Anonymous review on September 2016

“He was friendly and professional throughout and has a very reassuring and confident manner which made me feel as at ease as is possible when undergoing major surgery. I felt I was being very well cared for throughout the process. I would highly recommend Mr Abela and all the health care professionals that cared for me both during and after my surgery. Thank you.”
Anonymous review on June 2016.

“As soon as I met with Mr Abela I felt at ease he explained my options fully and was realistic about the results to expect. I had loose saggy skin on my stomach after having a very large baby and then losing weight pretty quickly. It affected my life immensely and I was on anti depressants infact just the thought of a changing room or holiday could lead to a melt down. After years of this I finally had a tummy tuck November 2015 and I can’t explain how happy I am. As well as looking so much better it’s also really given my confidence back. I just wish I’d had it done sooner I highly recommend Mr Abela and his team”
Anonymous review on June 2016.

“I received excellent care from all staff in the general surgery department, Plastics outpatients (Mr Abela) and for the entire week I was in hospital. They tried to accommodate my timings for my surgery and advised me well both before and after the surgery. ”
Anonymous review on June 2016.

“Christopher Abela was all I could have hoped for in a surgeon. I was definitely in good hands and I believe I have received the best treatment, care and advice, before, during and after my surgery”
Anonymous review on June 2016.

“The surgery was then carried out faultlessly and quickly. I would highly recommend Mr Abela”
Anonymous review on June 2016.

“Chris did an excellent job and the scar is minimal.”
SE, 28 year old woman, 9 months after sebaceous cyst removal, June 2016.

“Chris was absolutely brilliant and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough”
PW, 33 year old man, after sebaceous cyst removal, May 2016.

“In the past year I have had 2 carcinomas removed, one from the tip of my nose and one from above my lip. The surgery was performed on both occasions at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital by Chris Abela. I have regular follow up meetings with Mr Abela, who has a most reassuring manner and is always confident and friendly. The resultant scars are barely noticeable and I can’t speak highly enough of all the care and attention I have received from him”
Anonymous review on May 2016.

“Mr Abela gave me great confidence in him, with his experience and expertise. He has an excellent and charming manner about him. He is very easy to talk to and explains what is to be done very thoroughly. The after care I received was excellent and I would 100% recommend him to any one. My wound did exactly what he told me it would, and it was a pretty bad wound that took 9 months to heal and would have taken a lot longer if I hadn’t had the help and support from Mr Abela. Thank you!”
Anonymous review on May 2016.

“I was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma on my scalp in March 2015 and was referred to Mr Abela at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. The first day surgery operation was carried out a month later, with the final surgery carried out 3 months later. I have been seeing Mr Abela for 3 monthly follow up appointments since then, and am pleased to say that there has been no recurrence. His professional and reassuring manner during this difficult time has been very much appreciated by myself and my wife.”
Anonymous review on April 2016.

“My hand is doing very well and i think you will be very pleased. It’s very neat.”
MG, 35 year old man, after ganglion removal, April 2016.

“Our surgeon Mr Christopher Abela could not have been more helpful, kind and thoughtful. His care was exemplary and happily the outcome for our daughter was all that we wished
J&CL, received April 2016.

“Just to thank you again for a  very splendid and remarkable piece of work.  Well, ordinary to you of course but remarkable to me and my family who are amazed at the minimal scarring after just one week!”
CV, 59 year old, facial skin cancer removal and flap reconstruction, March 2016.

“Chris and his team’s approach to patient care was exemplary.”
EJ, 36 year old woman, after buttock and thigh lift, March 2016.


“I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me this year in connection with my cancer. You and all your colleagues and staff have been absolutely wonderful.
NP, 62 year old man, recovering from cancer, Christmas 2015.

“Chris, Just to say that, although it was an unpleasant surprise to find that I had fractured my zygomatic bone in September, finding yourself at the Chelsea and Westminster being treated by you was always a good experience and thanks again for looking after me so well.
MM, 49 year old man, fixation of fractured cheek bone, December 2015

“Chris has operated on me twice, and has been faultless on both occasions, has immediately impressed me with his understanding of my situation, putting me at ease with his calming , no frills explanations,professional demeanour and above all care and ultimate skill. Thank you”
LS, 53 year old woman, abdominal wall contour correction, October 2015.

“Dear Dr Abela Thank you for your skill and kindness before and during my operation. Your talent and caring manner is a credit to the medical profession. Thank you.
NR, 33 year old woman, excision of dorsal wrist ganglion, June 2015

“Thank you ever so much
FA, 47 year old woman following abdominoplasty and hernia repair, December 2015

“I have been seeing this doctor and his team for some months and would like to commend him for the great care and attention to detail he has given me. He has particular pleasant manner in the way he treats his patients and nothing is too much trouble. I would like to see other staff reach the standards Chris Abela sets.
HM-E, 79 year old lady with hand pain. December 2015.

 “I wanted to say thanks for being so professional and proactive. You‘re a credit to this hospital and the NHS. Good luck for the future too!
Colleague who was leaving Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, August 2015

 “I wanted to write to thank you for your exceptional kindness along my recent illness and my stay in hospital. The fact that you were not only such an outstanding surgeon but also that you treated me not as a patient but as a human being made for me such a difference and transformed what could have been a difficult situation.
NP, 62 year old with lymph node metastasis, July 2015

“Dear Dr Abela Thank you for your skill and kindness before and during my operation. Your talent and caring manner is a credit to the medical profession. Thank you.
NR, 33 year old woman, excision of dorsal wrist ganglion, June 2015

 “I‘m writing to thank you for your kind care and attention and for encouraging me not to ignore the problem. The care I receive from [you] was nothing short of wonderful.
JF, 56 year old with skin cancer June 2015

Many many thanks for dealing with the horned thing on my nose. I can‘t begin to tell you how much better I feel without it.
JL, 78 year old with lesion on nose June 2015

 “Thank you very much for your warm words and encouragement through the whole way from the beginning. You showed us not only high professionalism but the human face of modern medicine. It really meant a lot, valued and appreciated. THANK YOU once again and million times…the words may be small but the sentiment is huge!
MB and NB, 80 year old patient and his daughter on their treatment of malignant melanoma, May 2015

‘Thank you so much for looking after my ‘special finger’. My Mummy and Daddy really appreciate your help, lots of love, Penelope
Penelope, 3 months old, born with an extra finger March 2015

“Thanks for making my finger wiggle again.
KP, 38 yr old with stiff finger March 2015

“Dear Dr Chris, thank you for fixing my face, love Tabitha
Tabitha, 7 year old, dog bite to face January 2015