Body shape is governed by the underlying muscular structure, overlying fat and breast tissue as well as the skin itself. These areas change with age, levels of physical activity and life changing events such as child birth. 

Sometimes a person is born with a body imbalance and this affects self confidence and in some cases hinders day to day activities. For others, body contouring surgery is about fine tuning appearance.

Surgery aims to reduce excess skin, reshape areas of the body or enhance appearance. Body contouring surgery has its roots in reconstructive surgery, but applying cosmetic principles allows the achievement of powerful results.

Chris Abela is a consultant plastic surgeon, experienced in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. With clinics in Chelsea, Wimbledon and Marylebone, his overarching philosophies encompass:

  • a safe and evidence based approach to the medicine and surgery provided 
  • holistic, honest, compassionate and discrete consultations to enable patients with a better quality of life, long after they have been discharged 
  • providing the right infrastructure and personnel to take care of a patient and fully support them for the duration of their journey

As patient care restarts, safety is as always, the absolute highest priority for Chris and his team. They fully understand that patients may feel anxious about accessing healthcare, with concerns around hygiene and exposure to the virus.

Chris’ clinic has adapted to the challenges COVID-19 brings and he is confident that all the right measures are in place to continue to provide the highest quality care in the safest way possible, including:

  • Regular screening of all patients and staff
  • Observing social distancing throughout the healthcare journey of each patient
  • Increasing virtual consultations where appropriate
  • Weekly COVID-19 swab testing of staff including Chris himself
  • Leaving more time between face to face appointments to reduce footfall
  • Using facemasks in all clinical environments
  • Increased access to sanitisers and hand washing facilities
  • Enhanced cleaning of touch points between patients
  • Patient COVID-19 testing prior to operative interventions
  • More detailed surgical consent for patients

Chris has clinics in Chelsea, Wimbledon and Marylebone. Appointments can be booked at chrisabela.co.uk. Alternatively, Chris can be contacted at info@chrisabela.co.uk or on 020 3651 0547.

Published: 7th December, 2020