The face is almost always ‘on show’. Blemishes, ageing and life events show up more readily on the face which sometimes affects confidence. Whilst makeup can go a long way to camouflaging surface issues, it is only temporary and doesn’t help with the changes in facial structure that occur with age.

Stress, lack of sleep, sun damage, diet and dehydration often present on a person’s face – and sometimes premature ageing can simply just be down to a person’s genes.

Skin loses elasticity with age and the skin around the eyes is especially delicate so is particularly susceptible to signs of ageing. These changes and the weakening of supportive structures such as ligaments and muscles causes loose skin and puffy/swollen tissue in the under eye areas. In more severe cases, folds of skin can overhang the eyelids or cheeks, causing irritation or impacting vision.

Surgery is the most definitive option to address excess skin and fat and re-support the structures.

Eyelid surgery is a common cosmetic and reconstructive surgery yielding very good results creating a more alert and refreshed natural appearance, whilst correcting any asymmetry.

Chris Abela is a consultant plastic surgeon, experienced in facial cosmetic surgery. He runs a private practice with clinics at 84 Harley Street, 102 Sydney Street, Chelsea and at Wimbledon Parkside.

Chris’ ethos and the team’s overarching philosophies encompass:

  • a safe and evidence based approach to the medicine and surgery provided
  • holistic and honest consultations to enable patients with a better quality of life, long after they have been discharged
  • providing the right infrastructure and personnel to take care of a patient and fully sup- port them for the duration of their journey

All this is done with discretion in mind. During the ongoing pandemic, Chris and his team are continuing to take all possible pre- cautions to protect patients.

Published: 7th June, 2022