AS TAN LINES FADE, the evenings begin to draw in and it feels harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s no surprise that the thought of a non-surgical ‘tweak’ is more and more appealing. Designed to enhance your appearance in a non-invasive way, with minimal disruption; these are subtle but effective modifications and generally have people commenting on how well you look, rather than on a specific change. A non-surgical treatment may be just a tweak, but that doesn’t mean it is given any less importance than any other procedure. Indeed, for consultant plastic surgeon, Chris Abela, patient care is the first and foremost priority. 

Chris is an expert in non-surgical BOTOX treatments and rejuvenating facial cosmetic procedures as well as improving facial scars and removing skin blemishes and birth marks, resulting in smoother skin and a more youthful appearance. At this time of year, Chris also offers family and individual mole checks as moles can change over the summer months.

Where non-surgical interventions may buy some time, sometimes surgical interventions will make a more permanent and significant change. Surgery needn’t be dramatic or scary and is always handled with a delicate and compassionate touch within Chris’ clinic at 102 Sydney Street, Chelsea: a calm, comfortable and immaculate environment to be treated. 

Chris is also a specialist in abdominoplasty after childbirth and is confident with the huge spectrum of issues that this area presents. Body contouring can tighten separated tummy muscles and take unwanted pounds off to allow a more active lifestyle. The reconstructive surgery he performs aims to restore normality after injury or skin cancer. Such surgery requires real specialism, something that Chris has trained for and honed over the years. The aim of all surgery is an informed and excellent patient experience with fabulous results and a better quality of life, long after the scars have healed.

Above all, Mr Chris Abela is utterly involved in every step of the journey, from creating a detailed plan with his patients, to maximising the results afterwards. Professionalism, discretion and quality lead the way. 

chrisabela.co.uk, info@chrisabela.co.uk, 020 3651 0547

Published: 2nd September, 2019