COVID-19 is now very much part of our lives. It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were under a full lockdown. For many people, living with such restrictions resulted in clarity on what was important in their lives, coupled with a drive to take control and make change happen.

Mr Chris Abela has seen evidence first hand, as families were completed, people got fitter and skin care improved.

An increase in working from home has contributed to a ‘zoom’ effect, where people have started to notice wrinkles, scars, eye-lid bags and jowls. This has resulted in more cosmetic enquiries from those wanting to address these areas. New moles, lumps and bumps are being referred earlier and therefore are being removed with greater ease.

There is also more awareness around how we all age differently and the grey area between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery grows wider as more patients want ‘normality’ to return. This is most common after childbirth and weight loss for health-reasons. With life expectancy increasing, people are taking steps to stay healthier, look better and be more active for longer.

As Chris says:

“The pandemic has facilitated a change in everybody’s outlook. Our faces and bodies tell our life-story and the last two years has meant starting a new chapter for many people. Many of my patients have survived COVID or other traumas and are now focused on their quality of life: aiming to thrive not just survive.”

With the successful roll out of booster jabs, there is more confidence in how a post COVID-19 world looks. Healthcare remains safe and pathways of care are protected through evidence-based guidelines.

Chris is experienced in body contouring and cosmetic surgery and runs a private practice with clinics in Marylebone, Chelsea and Wimbledon. Last year, Chris opened a new clinic at 84 Harley Street.

Chris’ ethos and the team’s overarching philosophies encompass:

  • a safe and evidence based approach to the medicine and surgery provided
  • holistic and honest consultations to enable patients with a better quality of life, long after they have been discharged
  • providing the right infrastructure and personnel to take care of a patient and fully support them for the duration of their journey

All this is done with discretion in mind.

Chris and his team are continuing to take all possible precautions to protect patients.


If you have any questions, please contact Chris at info@chrisabela.co.uk or on 0203 545 2990.. More information is available at www.chrisabela.co.uk.

Published: 24th February, 2022