In some circumstances, facial surgery is essential (i.e to remove an area of skin cancer). In other cases, it can prove just as necessary for those suffering from facial asymmetries, birth anomalies or differences. This can be stigmatising, cause anxiety and having a detrimental affect on their self confidence. Life stresses, weather exposure and age also takes their toll.

Facial surgery aims to restore form and function, whilst maintaining a person’s natural appearance or enhancing beauty. Facial surgery is an art and a science and Chris’s breadth of exposure will assist you in the creation of a bespoke plan for your individual needs. If a solitary issue needs redressing then often a simple solution can be offered, but if a pan-facial change or facial rebalance is required, often multiple stages need to be prescribed as part of a bespoke plan.

Chris strives for excellence in his work and is committed to achieving results his patients are happy with. He is a firm advocate of three-dimensional facial planning and brought together the world’s largest 3D facial data collection project at the Kensington Science Museum in 2012.

It is essential to have appropriate and extensive training to be able to navigate around the face surgically. Chris has trained in both of London’s craniofacial specialist units and currently works within a craniofacial multidisciplinary team which forms a significant part of his daily work in the NHS. Chris has performed operations, both electively and in emergency situations in order to save or improve facial function. Chris’ experience in facial surgery has afforded him with opportunities to present his work internationally at specialist society meetings. He has a paediatric fellowship from Great Ormond Street Hospital and also works within a skin cancer multidisciplinary team within the NHS. He has specialist training in cosmetic surgery from the Wellington Hospital and has worked with London’s finest face-lift experts. He has helped treat over 1,000 facial plastic surgery cases and some examples of the results achieved can be viewed in the gallery.