What is brow lifting?
The eyebrows drop with age giving a flatter appearance to the brow area. This often causes the appearance of excess skin in the upper eyelid and an aged, tired or sad appearance. Brow lifting aims to restore the natural curvature and aesthetic appearance of the hair bearing eyebrow, whilst repositioning skin and restoring volume. It is occasionally performed prior to upper eyelid blepharoplasty.
What are the non-surgical and surgical options available for brow lifting procedures?
BOTOX and fillers can be used to change the shape of the eyebrow and allow it to lift up. Lifting the eyebrow surgically, either by directly removing skin above the eyelid, or by lifting the whole forehead through keyhole techniques can rejuvenate the whole upper eyelid/brow complex.
How long do the results of brow lifting procedures last?
The results of eyebrow surgery usually last for life.
What are the risks of brow lifting?
Excellent symmetry is always the goal, but nature can be very difficult to recreate. Swelling and bruising is a predictable consequence of surgery in the face and this often takes many weeks to subside. Infection and bleeding are rare, but occasionally require further surgical management.
What are the success rates for brow lifting procedures?
Once the swelling and bruising has settled down, the results are immediately noticeable and very effective.
How much do brow lifting procedures cost?
The indicative prices below include the surgical fee, any anaesthetic used and the associated fees from the consultant administering this, in addition to the hospital fee and all tests and follow up. An accurate breakdown and a detailed quote will be given following the initial consultation.

From £2,500 for direct eyebrow lifting under local anaesthetic with sedation
From £4,000 for keyhole eyebrow lifting under general anaesthetic

General advice for brow lifting procedures?
Facial swelling and asymmetry can be present for many months after the surgery. Sleeping upright for the first few nights helps reduce the severity of onset swelling and speeds up recovery.