Hand surgery is a complex subspecialty area of plastic and reconstructive surgery due to the close proximity of nerves, arteries and tendons alongside the relative shortage of skin. As a person ages, the bones, joints, tendons and skin change, which can cause arthritis and thickening under the skin and around the tendons. Pain and lumpy growths affect the way our hands can be used.

It is essential to have appropriate and extensive training to be able to navigate around the hand surgically. Chris has trained in many of London’s specialist hand units and currently works within the hand multidisciplinary team, which forms a significant part of his daily work in the NHS. Chris has performed operations, both electively and in emergency situations in order to save or improve hand function. Chris’ experience in hand surgery has afforded him with opportunities to present his work internationally at specialist hand society meetings.

He is a firm advocate of working with hand therapists in a multidisciplinary team to achieve the best results from non-surgical and surgical procedures. He has helped treat over 2,000 hand surgery cases and some examples of the results achieved can be viewed in the gallery.