Non-surgical solutions to wrinkles, scarring, hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) and certain hand complaints are quick to administer and provide effective results. These treatments are usually injections, often performed in a clinic setting to ensure minimal inconvenience. The results are often temporary and repeated visits may be necessary for the benefits to be maintained.

Non-surgical treatments can also be used alongside surgery to maximise the results or to reduce the number of surgeries required to achieve the desired result.

Chris has performed hundreds of injections as part of his training and consultant practice, for both reconstructive and cosmetic purposes. He has experience of achieving facial balance in difficult situations with a number of surgical and non-surgical skills at his disposal and can therefore offer a bespoke set of options. In depth knowledge of the anatomy of the face and hands and over 15 years’ operating experience gives Chris the ability to diagnose and treat problems completely. With his reconstructive background, he can also look after any complications, in the rare instances when problems arise.