Plastic surgery involves restoring form and function to areas of the body that have been affected by birth anomalies, injury, cancer or other conditions. Reconstructive surgery procedures aim to resume normality for patients. Surgery cannot be performed without creating scar tissue but optimising scars is an area of specialisation on its own.

Chris strives for excellence in his work and is committed to achieving results his patients are happy with. He is a firm advocate of three-dimensional facial planning and brought together the world’s largest 3D facial data collection project at the Kensington Science Museum in 2012.

Chris has trained in many of London’s specialist units, has a paediatric fellowship from Great Ormond Street Hospital and currently works within a skin cancer reconstructive multidisciplinary team in the NHS, which ideally positions him in the area of reconstructive surgery and paediatric plastic surgery. He also has specialist training in cosmetic surgery from the Wellington Hospital and has trained with London’s finest reconstructive experts. He has treated over 3,000 reconstructive surgery cases and some examples of the results achieved can be viewed in the gallery.