What is facial swelling?
The face can become swollen for a variety of reasons and most causes need investigation, prior to a management plan being advised. Children can develop swellings due to problems of facial formation in the womb or because of blood vessel or nervous tissue growth during childhood.
What are the non-surgical and surgical options available for facial swelling procedures?
In complex cases and where non-surgical management could be a better treatment option, a tissue diagnosis will be completed prior to any plan being commenced. This small intervention (biopsy) occasionally prevents the need for more extensive surgery. Once a diagnosis has been established using an x-ray or ultrasound, surgical removal is usually planned under general anaesthetic.
How long do the results of facial swelling procedures last?
The results usually last for life. Depending on exactly what it is, some patients can sometimes re-grow similar problems in new places. These can be usually be treated in the same way.
What are the risks of facial swelling?
The trade off is always the scar, which should be actively managed during the first year or two of maturation. This is usually of good quality, whereby the scar is thin and pale, making it especially easy to camouflage, but ethnicity and genetic factors can affect the appearance significantly. A small risk of recurrence is always sited before the operation. Infection, bruising, bleeding and swelling are risks of any surgery. Swelling around the face often takes months to settle completely.
What are the success rates for facial swelling procedures?
Excellent if the lesion is solitary. The prognosis if the lesions are multiple depends entirely on their cause and will be discussed as part of multidisciplinary care.
How much do facial swelling procedures cost?
The indicative prices below include the surgical fee, any anaesthetic used and the associated fees from the consultant administering this, in addition to the hospital fee and all tests and follow up. An accurate breakdown and a detailed quote will be given following the initial consultation.

The costs depend on exactly what type and how big the facial swelling is, how many there are and whether a general anaesthetic is required. It also depends on where the swelling is located and therefore how long the surgery will take.

From £1,200 for removal under local anaesthetic

From £2800 for removal under general anaesthetic.

General advice for facial swelling procedures?
Facial asymmetry can be present for many months after the surgery. Sleeping upright for the first few nights helps reduce the severity and onset of swelling and speeds up recovery.