Having lived with restrictions in one form or another for over a year, there has been a shift in consciousness. People are empowered to make change happen for themselves and if there’s something they are not happy with, they will actively look at ways to address it. This could be rethinking careers choices, work/life balance, where they live or how they look?

Living through the turbulence and uncertainty of a pandemic has had an impact on the way people feel about themselves. The lockdowns have afforded people the time and space to reflect on their appearance.

Now things have opened up again, people are taking ownership of how they look and feel. Perhaps prioritising themselves after a year of putting others first, they have identified ways in which they can proactively address any problem areas. This has led to an increase in enquiries relating to cosmetic surgery to address wrinkles, jowls, scars, skin moles, eye lids and eye bags as well as excess skin through weight loss or post pregnancy.

People noticing the appearance of others has not escaped attention either. Perhaps noticing a birthmark on the skin of their child for the first time. Or maybe they have made the decision their family is complete and want a solution to their abdominal protrusion or lower abdominal skin excess, despite a healthy diet and exercise.

Post lockdown, consultant plastic surgeon, Chris Abela has seen a large uptake of people empowered to actively explore surgical and non surgical options.

Chris is experienced in body contouring and cosmetic surgery and runs a private practice with clinics in Marylebone, Chelsea and Wimbledon. In June 2021, Chris opened a new clinic at 84 Harley Street.

Chris’ ethos and the team’s overarching philosophies encompass:

  • a safe and evidence based approach to the medicine and surgery provided
  • holistic and honest consultations to enable patients with a better quality of life, long after they have been discharged
  • providing the right infrastructure and personnel to take care of a patient and fully support them for the duration of their journey

All this is done with discretion in mind.

As lockdown restrictions have lifted, Chris and his team are taking all possible precautions to protect patients and are proceeding with extreme caution and care.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris at info@chrisabela.co.uk or on 020 3651 0547. More information is available at www.chrisabela.co.uk.

Published: 1st August, 2021