Occasionally injections are recommended as a treatment for your problem. If you feel comfortable with this and Chris feels it is beneficial to do immediately, he can offer you the injection in the initial consultation. Whether you have had injections before or not, each administration may feel different to the previous. This is due to a number of factors such as changes in your body temperature, the blood flow going to your skin, your levels of anxiety (outside the clinical episode), tobacco and caffeine use and varying sensitivity of various parts of the body.

If administered in the clinic, Chris advises that you plan to stay in the clinic for 30 minutes after your injection, to allow any side effects of the injection process to subside. It will also allow any pain relief taken enough time to start working. Often the area around a site of injection aches and can throb for 48 hours afterwards. It is advised to have amended your working and social diary accordingly if injections are proposed.