It is Chris’ aim to ensure your procedure and the post-operative period are as comfortable as possible. However, inevitably, there may be some discomfort, especially if you are having surgery. Please ensure that you have a good supply of the pain relief you would normally take at home. If required, the clinic can supply you with these or more powerful ones if needed. Chris will also give you very specific advice following the injection/surgery that you have had, to try and reduce any discomfort.

Long acting local anaesthesia can be used in certain circumstances even when surgery is undertaken under general anaesthesia. This prolongs the time after an operation when pain relief is not necessary, usually by up to eight hours. This has the advantage of allowing earlier mobilisation and preventing complications.

Chris also has experience of ‘leave- in’ local anaesthetic catheters, which drip-irrigate the wound with local anaesthetic to reduce pain for up to 72 hours. If this is of interest to you, this can be discussed this with him prior to your operation.

Upon discharge you should take pain relief as instructed, even if the pain is not too bad. This is because taking pain relief allows for good sleep and recuperation, earlier mobilisation to prevent deep vein thrombosis and can help with swelling.