Pre- and post-operative photography is essential for your medical records in order to have standardised clinical images, which can be compared. These images will be used in your consultations, which is more practical when looking into your surgery in detail.

Photographs are particularly important for those with more complex skin conditions, such as atypical moles on a background of multiple freckles and sun-change, especially when ongoing follow up is required.

There is the option to have 3D photography which has the added benefits of producing an accurate view of the end result and being able to see yourself from a different perspective. However, as this comes with an additional cost, it is entirely optional.

Rest assured, photographs are held in the strictest of confidence – along with the rest of your clinical records and will not be shown to anyone without your permission. Some patients have given us express permission for their photographs to be published on this site and these can be viewed in the gallery. With your permission, your photos can also be used to illustrate surgical results to future patients and trainee surgeons.