It is natural to use the internet to research information, however please be mindful amongst the very helpful and accurate descriptions there is some unreliable and misleading information. Chris can clarify any factual discrepancies at your consultations.

In preparing – both physically and mentally – for your surgery, it is worth considering the below points:

  • As a general rule, the healthier you are prior to surgery, the quicker you will recover. This involves sensible eating and regular exercise.
  • Smoking can affect skin quality and wound healing, it compounds the risks of any general anaesthesia, particularly if surgery is lengthy and most importantly organ function can be irreversibly damaged
  • Giving up is strongly advised. If this is not possible, refrain from smoking for the two weeks prior to surgery and the first six weeks after.
  • Think about childcare (if applicable), with particular reference to your mobility afterwards.
  • You may have some choice over the location of your recuperation to facilitate assistance from friends and family or attendance to appointments, which you can discuss with Chris.
  • Avoid undertaking major surgery when life is too complex, or immediately prior to a life event, such as a wedding.
  • With surgery after massive weight loss, a stable weight that you are happy with is essential to achieve good results that last.