Swelling and scar tissue formation are the body’s normal response to surgery.

After your operation you will have a dressing over your incision/s. Chris will give you instructions on how to manage the dressings and/or how to take care of the incisions specifically. In general, the scar should stay dry for three days after the surgery following which it can be washed in the shower. Some types of stitches are completely dissolving and do not need to be removed. The timing of stitch removal, if necessary, is important. You will get instructions on when to return to the clinic to have your stitches removed.

Following stitch removal a period of consolidation is normal. This is where a little scabbing forms on the surface and is eventually replaced underneath by a pink immature scar. After this point, massage manipulation using a simple hypo-allergenic moisturiser followed by application of a silicone preparation can aid the healing process and ensure the best possible results from your scar.