Safe surgery is the key priority for Chris and his team, from deciding at the outset whether surgery is the best route for you, the type of surgery best suited to your situation, to the anaesthesia used; your medical history and unique set of circumstances will be taken into consideration.

Prior to surgery it is important to understand that surgery is never completely without risk and Chris will go over all reasonable risks and potential complications. Some problems can be foreseen and can therefore mitigated against before surgery, whilst other problems, however rare, arise by chance and must be dealt with promptly.

Chris will detail steps that need to be taken to reduce risks in surgery and to ensure a speedy recovery time. This may include, for example, reducing or giving up smoking, losing weight and improving diabetic control.

At the time of surgery, the risk of any infection will be minimised by checking the sterility of the equipment before any intervention, preparing the surgical site with antiseptic solution and where appropriate prescribing antibiotics. Dressings will be used to protect the surgical site after the operation.

If any complications do arise, Chris and his team will be on hand to support you and will provide you with everything you need. The vast majority of complications can be treated without further surgery.